Most car owners who have joined clubs find it not only fun, but exciting and enjoy the social aspect of club membership.  Here are a few reasons you should consider joining.

  1. Car Clubs are a great place for club members to exchange helpful hints and ideas on how to repair, restore and maintain their pride of joy.
  2. Car clubs provides people who love cars a place to socialize and a reason to bring your car out of the garage. It also allows members to meet other car enthusiast from different walks of life and can foster new friendships.
  3. Car club activities are great for the whole family. Bring your parents, kids or grandkids and spend some quality time with them at a club event.
  4. Community Enrichment – The club often raises money and donates to charitable organizations in the community. What a great way to help your community and have fun doing it.
  5. Owning a car is an option – just because you don’t currently own a car, you can join the club as an Associate Member. You’ll still enjoy many of the benefits of the car club and have fun doing it.

To become a member of the Fremont Antique Car Club you first need to attend two meetings.  On the second meeting if you are interested in joining, the club members will vote on your membership.  Once you have become a member you will receive a FACC baseball cap*, a FACC Shirt*  and your FACC membership card.  You also become eligible for club membership benefits such as;

Fuel reimbursement for showing you car at a club sanctioned event.

The event must be sanctioned by the club as an official club event and payment amount may vary from year to year.  There must be at least three different member’s vehicles at the event to qualify for payment.  Payment to be made once a year and the member must fill out a pink “Events” card and turn in to the treasurer before the end of the year.

Fremont Antique Car Club Jackets*

Members who have worked two FACC swap meets are eligible for a Fremont Antique Car Club jacket*.

Appreciation Dinner

The members that work at our annual swap meet will be invited to attend an appreciation dinner for their hard work.   Members may bring a guest but the member must pay for their meal.

Club Events

Throughout the year club members will participate in different events.  Some of the more popular events are; Spring Pot Luck to get things rolling, Drive-n-Dine where the club picks a restaurant in Fremont or surrounding communities.  Members can get their cars out and drive there to have dinner.  Tours; whether it is touring a museum, car collection or just on the road, FACC members are out to have fun.

Low Membership Fees

The membership fee for becoming a member of the Fremont Antique Car Club is only $10.00 a year.

 * Fremont Antique Car Club magnetic car signs that the club has paid for are the property of the Fremont Antique Car Club and will need to be returned if the member leaves the club for any reason.