Club Info.

How much are the yearly dues to become a member of the club

Our dues are currently $10/year due when you become a member and then on January of each year after that.

What does it take to become a member?

First, you should be interested in cars or trucks.  To be voted in as a member, our bylaws state that you need to attend two meeting.  The first it so you can see what we are about, the second one is to tell us that you’re interested in joining.  After a simple vote of the membership, you are a full member.

Where & when does the club meet?

We meet on the first Friday of the month at the Fremont Volunteer Fire Department at 7:00 pm.  Please be sure to check with us if the meeting falls on or around a holiday, time and dates could change.  Visit our Meeting Page.


Swap Meet

How much does it cost to vend?

The Fremont Antique Car Club has tried to keep the cost down, for its vendors that is why we only charge $20.00 for an outside space and $25.00 for an inside table. Note: Outside spaces CANNOT be reserved, however, inside spaces CAN be reserved with payment.

Is there any admission charge for your swap meet?

Admission is free for those not selling anything or parking in the swap meet area.

Can I sell Guns or Animals?

Our policy is that you CANNOT sell any live animals or any firearms. Anyone caught selling either of these items will be asked to leave by our security.

Can I drive in and pick up parts?

Generally, we start to allow people to drive in to pick up parts after 12:00 pm.  A $20 deposit is required and will be refunded IF you return within 30 minutes.  In the past we have had people take advantage of our generosity to try to avoid vending fees claiming they need to pick up parts.  They then find an open spot and start vending out of it.  Others use the same claim to avoid parking a long ways away or paying the Fremont Rural Volunteer Fire Department $2 for parking. Either way they are taking up a vending spot.

How can I pick up my parts before noon?

We have part haulers operating most of the day that will help you collect your parts.  They do this for free, however, a donation would be appreciated to help pay for gas. Gate 5, the far west gate,  has been designated for parts pickup.

Inside Vending

When can I get into the Main Building to set up my tables?

We open the inside building on Saturday, the day before the meet, at 4 p.m. for the inside vendors to set up their tables. The building will close at 6 pm sharp; if you are not done setting up by that time, you can finish up when the building opens the next morning. Please note that we will continue letting inside vendors set up the night before as long as the inside vendors respect the 6 pm closing.

When will the Main Building open in the morning?

The Main Building will open up in the morning at 5:30 am.

What are Inside Vendor Cards?

The Inside Vendor Cards will be mailed out about a week before the swap meet.  Each card shows the vendors name, number of tables rented and the table numbers.  Please show the Inside Vendor Cards at the gate to get in the swap area.

Will my things be safe in the Main Building overnight?

Yes, the Main Building is locked at 6 pm.  Please Note:  If you are in the Middle Building or the Horse Barn, they remain open all night and you will be responsible for your items.

Can I get an inside table with electricity?

There are only a few tables that have electrical outlets near them and they are located next to the outside walls.  These are highly sought after tables and if there are any that are open, we will do what we can to accommodate you.

Can I get more tables this year?

We will do what we can to accommodate your request.  However, it may require you to move to a different location in the Main Building.

Can I tape things to the walls?

No, the City of Fremont has a policy that nothing is to be taped to the walls or floors.

Can I have a table next to my friend?

We will try to accommodate your request but it just depends on if there are any tables available next to your friend.  In order to accommodate your request, we may have to move both you and your friend to a different location in the main building as long as your friend agrees to the move.

Are Tables Provided?

Due to changes in the rental agreement, we no longer provide tables for free.  You can request a table for $10 per table.

Can I use my own tables?

Yes, you can use your own tables if you would like.  If you don’t have tables, we do have tables at a cost of $10/table.

Outside Vending

Can I reserve an Outside Space?

No, we are not set up to reserve outside spaces. All spaces are first come first serve, please do not send checks to reserve an outside space. Any check sent tot he club to reserve and outside space will be returned.

When does the gate for Outside Vendors open?

We now open the gate just north of the horse corral at 9 pm.  Once the initial lineup has been cleared, that gate will be closed and the main gate on 16th St. will open for the rest of the vendors.


Who is responsible for my items overnight?

You are, although we do have security on the grounds, you are responsible for your items over night.